Hi, I'm Nicole Barnabee

I'm a web and software developer based in Bern, Switzerland.  From December 2022 - March 2023, I took place in the Outreachy program, a Software Freedom Conservancy initiative which provides internships to people underrepresented in tech. 

I interned with the Wikimedia Foundation, where I worked with a small team to build Toolhunt, a full-stack web application that allows users to easily edit records on Wikimedia's Toolhub catalog.  (For more information, check out my blog post: Introducing Toolhunt.)

Blog Post: Introducing Toolhunt

January 10, 2023

A little explanation of what I'm actually doing here.

Blog Post: Everybody Struggles

December 27, 2022

Thoughts on self-esteem, struggles, Docker, and why you should absolutely not be like me.

Blog Post: An Introduction

December 6, 2022

A brief introduction, and thoughts on kindness.

Tidying the place up.

November 24, 2022

I built this portfolio/blog months ago, only to let it languish while I worked on other things. Now that I need a place to showcase my writing and my work with Wikimedia, it's time to brush off the dust and get things back up to speed.

Please bear with me.